Monday, February 18, 2013


I figured I would update on some past topics I have mentioned here on the blog...

-Colin's Big Boy Bed
This transition has gone crazy smooth!  From the first day Colin has gone down without a peep.  There was one time that he got down from his bed by himself, and that was so he could get to one of his books.  Other than that he waits for Garet or I to come in there.  It is great - I don't have to worry about him roaming around!  When we put him down (for nap and bed) he might make a couple noises, but for the most part he goes right to sleep.  Or he at least is quiet.  For Christmas my parents got him this alarm thing (they knew I was about to make the transition), I set the "alarm" for 6:30 (hey - we are early birds around here... and that is late compared to how early Colin used to wake me up!) until it is 6:30 the red light stays on.  As soon as the clock reaches 6:30 it changes to a green light.  We have trained taught Colin that he has to stay in bed and stay quiet until the green light is on.  As soon as the light comes on I hear, "GREEN LIGHT MOMMY!  WAKE UP!  WAKE UP MOMMY, GREEN LIGHT IS ON!"  It works great!  Occasionally he will wake up before that and just sing or talk, and very occasionally he has slept past it... but overall it has been awesome!
So, he has done amazingly well! (This picture was when I snuck in to check on him before I went to bed... he had all his animals around him and his finger in his ear) 

-Cloth Diapers
I am still cloth diapering, and it is still going great.  I started when Colin was 2 months old, and still use the same ones.  I haven't had to buy any new ones.  I do use disposable at night.  He will leak out of the cloth and I don't feel like putting more cloth inserts, nor do I feel like washing sheets every day.  So... we do buy disposable.  We also use the disposable when we go places like church (they don't do cloth) or when we go on trips.  Easier to deal with.  But overall, it has saved us a ton!  I am going to have to get some in pink for when Addison gets here!

-New House
We are VERY excited to be moving into a house we can call our own again!  It has been a couple years since we've lived in a house we own.  In a rental you just can't do stuff to it... so I can't wait to make this house ours!  So far everything has gone well.  Now we are just waiting on our closing date (March 15).  And I guess we should start packing soon.... it is amazing what all you accumulate. 

It really does amaze me how different this pregnancy is.  Not only with how I feel, but how fast it seems to be going, and how little I have read or taken pictures!  I have 4 belly pictures this time.  With Colin I had at least 10!  Little Addison is definitely making her presence known - and it makes me so happy!  She moves around a lot, especially at night when I am about to go to sleep.  When we first found out we were having a girl, I was a little nervous... I mean I only know how to be a boy mom right now.  And I don't like lots of pink.  But I am over it... I am sooo excited!  And, granted I know she will have pink stuff, I am still not going to have everything decked out pink.  Or I don't think I will...
Garet felt her move for the first time on Christmas night.  She is measuring right on and, though I feel uncomfortable and huge already, I am actually about the same size I was when I was pregnant with Colin at this point.  (I have actually not gained quite as much!)  (just had to add that in there!)
I am 27.5 weeks but here is the latest picture I have taken:
 Yes, Colin is in all of the belly pictures so far =)

We, obviously, love living here.  It amazes me to see the journey God has taken us on to get us here... and I finally feel like this is where we are supposed to be.  Garet really likes his job, and has made some good friends there.  I got really involved in MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) with our church, and have made some great girlfriends!  We go out once a month for a girls only dinner (no kids) and it is wonderful!  We have a great time!  We have a church home here now and really feel at peace there.  The opportunities here for Colin are so nice too... it is amazing how many parks there are on every corner!  And he loves nursery when I go to MOPS or we are at church.  We feel very blessed.

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ooh, I just love your updates! I wonder if Colin often sleeps with his finger in his ear!