Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentine's...

Garet and I don't normally do too much for Valentine's Day... we usually make sure we go out to dinner at some point around that day.  With Colin, it is fun to make holidays a big deal =)  Our fun started on Wednesday (the day before V-day).  Garet had the day off since he worked weekends, so we all headed to the Children's Museum!  Here I am watching Colin wash dishes:
He always watches us wash them at home... funny he went right to work when we went into this kitchen!  Then he told G and I to sit down and he served us some food.  Garet got a big piece of chocoloate cake... I got an egg.  Boo. 
So here is Colin [finally] serving me a piece of cake too (see the egg in my hand):
Colin had fun showing Garet around... he had only been once before.  When we got to the blocks, Garet had fun building.  It surprised me that Colin helped for so long... he is usually all over the place here, like he doesn't stay in one place for long.  [except at the trains]  They ended up using ALL the blocks to build a "house"!  They even made a window!
Garet and Colin had a good time in the firetruck too.  They are so cute together!
That afternoon we got our taxes done.  Then we headed out to a Valentine's Dinner... a night early!  And guess what?  We only had to wait about 3 minutes for a table! 
On Valentine's Day I was surprised by a box of chocolates =)
Colin got a new Cars book and a few little goodies.  He loved the book.  I am so happy he loves to read!  Hope that lasts =)  We had some housework to do, but in between vacuuming and laundry we got to make a Valentine treat!
I totally didn't take an "after" picture... but these were strawberry brownies, and they were delicious!  Colin is such a helper in the kitchen!
Later we made a craft: 
Little hearts!  Colin was good at first, then he started just wiping the paint across the page.  They still turned out super cute!

That night my amazing man made dinner!  It is a remake of a meal we used to have at the restaurant we worked at when we met.  It is definitely his speciality!  Usually we have a rule: whoever cooks, the other cleans.  So I was very surprised when Garet cleaned up the kitchen too!  Here is Colin "helping":
My Valentine twins =)
Love these guys so much!!!

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L Davis said...

Happy valentine's to the Beane's. Yall were pretty busy for a few days celebrating! I'm so glad you and G engage Colin as much as you do...he's a sponge, learning so much..and, he sure likes helping!