Wednesday, March 5, 2014


(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)

At lunch Colin and I were eating peanut butter crackers...
Colin "I want to give you a BIG hug mommy.  
  "Here I come"
Gives me a BIG hug
Me "Thank you!  I loved that!"
Colin "Now I'm going to give you a BIG kiss.... here I come"
Kisses my cheek.  With his peanut butter mouth.
Colin "Mommy your face is soooo dirty!"
The peanut butter kiss =)

I made a cake for Valentine's day, but it stuck to the bottom of the pan (darn it!) so I made cake balls instead... Colin walked in while I was trying to get the cake out of the pan-
Colin: What are you doing Mommy?
Me: I messed up the cake so I'm doing something different.
Colin:  It's okay Mommy.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Even me!      
And even daddy.....  and Addison.... and Suzi.  It's okay Mom.

He went through about a 3 week phase of not playing with cars (shocking, I know!)  Now when we are driving around he looks for car line ups (the cars sitting at red lights) and then when we get home he replicates those line ups with his cars.

Colin is so smart.  Too smart.  He has started to "potty talk".  The other day he stuck his little bottom on my leg and said, "toot!  toot!"  Garet and I both said, "We don't talk like that, Colin."  And Colin said, "What??  I was just being a boat.   Toot.  Toot."  Smarty.

Garet gave Colin a big hug and kiss one morning and Colin said, "Your breath smells foggy."

Randomly in his playroom Colin said, "I want to leave my train out alllll day!  Because I love it!  I love it so much I want to put it in my mouth!"

He wanted a picture with his shoe...
Don't know why, but sometimes I just blurt things out without thinking.  So... on a random walk, Colin asked what was down the sewer drain.  So I told him "ninja turtles"  I mean, I'm right, right?  Anyway... that led to a million questions, and ended with him basically thinking there are turtles down there.

On the same note, Colin was telling me how a ball almost fell down the sewer.  And a turtle almost got it.  Then he said.  "I'm a genius."  "Sometimes I think I am a little bit of a genius."  HA!

One morning before he was supposed to get up he was semi crying.  Garet went in and asked what was wrong and Colin said, "I want a cell phone." 

Love this crazy kid.

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L Davis said...

You're going to love looking back on this one day and happy that you captured these "..isms" (I know you're already glad of it, but just saying..).