Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun little island...

I have a ton of pictures from our trip to St. John, so I am going to try to keep my "talking" short =)
Garet and I were soooo excited that we were able to make this trip!  His mom and her husband live there, so we went to visit!  A lot has changed since we lived there NINE years ago!  (wow!)
We took 2 planes there... here we are on the first one:
The kids did AMAZING!
The second plane, Colin first saw the islands out the window!
Then we hopped in a taxi and went to the ferry boat.
After the ferry, we met up with Kay and Rod and had dinner.  Colin scarfed down 2 slices of pizza and then headed to "dip his toes in the water" (really he got soaked!) with Garet.  This was the view from our table:

Maho Beach:

Grandma Kay and Papa Rod got Colin a few cars and this dump truck.  It was a HUGE hit!  He drove that thing on every beach we went to!


Addison was not a fan of the sand (or grass)  (or really being put down outside at all)



After quiet time and the 2nd beach of the day, we couldn't wake this boy up!
They didn't have a bath, so Addison got to bathe in the sink =)

The beaches don't have big waves (some hardly have any at all!) so it was perfect for Colin to wade out.  The slope was so subtle too that he could go out a good ways and still be able to touch.

Kay and Rod walk around the Westin Resort a lot, so we headed there one afternoon and let Colin play on the playground (see that little body on the stairs to the left?)

Our morning view!  Addison had me up by around 6:30 each morning, so I got my coffee and watched the sun rise!  We also ate every meal out here on the balcony!
We went to a beach every day and every day we had perfect weather!

Colin had talked about "building a sandcastle that he could go inside of" for weeks before we went... so I helped him build a sandcastle around him =) It was the closet we could get to him being inside of it! 
The towel on Garet's lap is a sleeping Addison.

At the park
We went into the grocery store to check prices.  Unbelievable. 
A couple nights, after the kids were in bed, Garet and I got to sneek away!  It was a lot of fun!  There is a new place, Cruz Bay Landing, and there was live music which was so much fun!
Each morning, this was part of our routine.... Turn on a cartoon, Colin stands on the table and I apply sunscreen =)

Our set up...

Addison fell asleep while at the beach almost every day.

One afternoon we went to Caneel Bay Resort for a walk... these are sugar mill ruins...
When we lived there, Garet took people on tours of Honeymoon Beach and this part of the resort.

There are pigs, horses, cows, chickens, donkeys... all sorts of animals that roam the island =)

Addison LOVED to watch the donkeys!

Walking... it was so pretty and there were deer all over the place!
Colin was saying, "look Addison, donkey's!"

The animals were so close!
Island cars always seem to have personality =)  I mean the one we owned when we lived there had holes in the floor.... Garet's mom's has a plant growing out of the door:
=)  And bumper stickers!  Colin was able to add about 4 more for them

We loved being outside on their balcony!  Anytime we were at the house, we were pretty much out there!  After the kids were in bed, it was so nice to sit and chat outside... it was even a tad bit chilly!

One afternoon, we left Addison napping with Grandma Kay and Papa Rod and we took Colin into town with us.  I did a bit of shopping and the guys went to check out the boats.


We went to Jumbie Beach, and there are some rocks off to the side where Colin spent a lot of time.

This is what I get when I tell him to smile sometimes...
Addison was a huge hit on any beach we went to.  Wonder why...

The afternoon before we left, my friend Greer took some pictures of us!   I can't wait to see them!  I have to admit... Colin was a sandy mess before the pictures even started!  haha  Greer was great though, by the end of it (in this pic) she just had Colin running in the water!

On our way out the door...
The trip to get there and back is an adventure all on its own.  We drove to the car barge... then once on the car barge we had lunch... and snapped some pictures (so sad we are leaving)
The boys walked around...
Then we drove to the airport, unloaded everything and got through customs and finally got to sit in the airport and wait for the plane.

We had 2 planes before we landed in Charlotte.  The kids were changed into their pj's for the second plane, and lucky for us they both fell asleep shortly after the plane took off.  They were AWESOME!  I tried to capture the sunset...
We had an amazing time!  And can't thank Kay and Rod enough for the visit! 


Grams said...

Our pleasure!!! Please come again soooon!! Miss you and love the blog shots.
Did I mention we miss you 4?
Totally adore your kids....
Grams & Papa

Us Daviss said...

Love this blog post! So happy you guys got to go!

L Davis said...

OOOHHHHHH, the pictures! I'm so happy for you all! And glad you were able to visit your island! I should have sent you a picture of Suzi on her vacation, haha!