Sunday, March 30, 2014

Three point five...

(I have started keeping these all together on a page at the top of this blog. It makes it easier for me to click back and see what Colin was up to. These are mainly so I don't forget any of these precious moments...)
(These pictures are just the many faces of Colin =)  Not sure where he could possibly have learned all the facial expressions.... )

Wow.  Colin is 3.5 years old!  My baby is growing up.
I keep telling him to stop.  Every time I do he says, "but I want to grow up Mom."  awww.

Colin is so so fun.  We have tried many many (many MANY) things to make nap time/quiet time/mommy's time go smoothly.  He used to nap from 1-4.  Then it was from 1-3.  Then he would talk or read for an hour and nap from 2-3 or so.  Then he decided to just read from 1:30-3.  THEN he started screaming and crying the whole time he was in his room.  Which woke Addison up.  Which made me mad.  Uggh it was no fun for anyone.  Finally, we decided to get "new" books from the library.  Bump the time back... and now he reads quietly in his room from around 2-3.  I'll take it. 

Colin loves to read. 

He loves his sister and makes sure she is happy.  He is seriously the best big brother!

He is a super picky eater. 

He loves trains and cars.  Especially trains right now.  If I ever need to get ready in the mornings and he is I just youtube "trains for kids" and he watches trains... win win for everyone ;)

He loves to be outside.  And get dirty.

He is very sensitive.  He can be rough and tumble, but he really has a sweet heart.

A few funny things he has said lately:

Addison sneezed in the car and I said, "God bless you!  You need a tissue!"  And Colin quickly said, "It's okay mom.  She can drip."

I was going to get a car that was thrown over the balcony in St. John.  It was up a little rocky hill and behind torn bushes (I'm pretty hardcore like that), and Colin coached me the whole way! 
"Be careful Mom!"  "Step on that rock... and then that one..."  "The rock you are on...... it just fell" 
It went on and on.  Precious.

When we pray before bed, I usually say something along the lines of "protect us..." and Colin questioned why I asked God to "protect us".  Then he said, "Maybe from the turtles that come out of the ocean?" Then started laughing hysterically.  =) 

He put a block under his shirt and said, "Look Mommy!  I have a boobie!"  Geez.

Randomly Colin put his finger to his mouth and said, "hmmmmm.... wonder if we can get some cars from Papaw and Grandmama's house and bring them here?"  =)

If Addison is trying to get to his cars or trains (which is anytime she is in the same room as he is), Colin will push every toy she has in front of her to try and deter her.  It is hilarious!
This child has my heart.  He knows my buttons and boy does he push them some days, but he will also run up to me and tackle me with a hug.  I really have no words for what Colin means to me!  He is so much fun and I love talking with him!  He has the most interesting conversations! 

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