Monday, October 19, 2009


This past weekend the sun actually decided to come out! It has been raining and depressing for a couple weeks, so it was GREAT to see the sun! But.... it was freezing! I am not a fan! I enjoy the cooler weather after it being so hot and muggy, but really, I'm a summer girl. The good thing about the cold??? Fires!! (in the fireplace, of course).

Guess who else likes the fire?
Oh yes, Suzi and I compete every.single.year over who is going to sit closest to the fire. I lost this round. But that is ONLY because I was making dinner. After dinner, I went and laid down in front of it (Suzi must have been distracted) but when she noticed that I was in front of the fire - she came over and sat on my arm! Seriously. There was probably a few inches between me and the tile, and she squeezed her big self right in between. What a goober. Look at that face - so innocent :)


Meghan said...

That is actually quite hilarious!

Carrie said...

Is that a real fire or gas? It looks real. I think I'm going to miss having a "real" fireplace...we have gas in our house. However, it'll be easier to start the fire, so I'm hoping we'll have one more often as a result. Suzi is too cute sitting by the fire!