Sunday, October 25, 2009


Garet and I headed to Nashville this weekend. It was a last minute decision, but we had so much fun!

It didn't start off as fun though...
Yep, that's my back tire. COMPLETELY flat! We debated: just ignore it, get in the other car and go... or suck it up and fix it now. We fixed it. I'm glad we did - I wouldn't have wanted to get home and had to fix it.

So, we finally got on the road - and when we got there, the sky was clear, sun was shinning, it was a beautiful day! We got all checked in - and when I looked out on our patio, they were setting up for a wedding! Can you tell?
We decided to walk around downtown for a bit. What a pretty town! I haven't been to Nashville since I was like 10. I took tons of pictures - I won't bore you with all of them :) Here are a few:

I had to do the backside shot!

Last year, for work, Garet had to go to Opry Mills for a conference. He kept calling me from the hotel telling me how BIG it was! He kept saying "It's like you're outside, but you're not!" I didn't get it. He wanted to show me what he was talking about, so we went by there - I get it now!
This place was HUGE!!! And it really felt like you were outside! We kept walking and walking, it never seemed to stop! It was beautiful too! The hotel was white, and the balconies were black iron. There were little shops and bars and restaurants everywhere too. Garet took me beside this one bar that was in a circle. When we got beside it he said, does it feel like you are moving? The whole bar rotated! It was very slow, I actually felt really dizzy. This waterfall was right beside it.
I can't believe how long I just went on and on about the hotel! I don't get out much :) I promise we did other stuff!
That night we went out. We walked around Broadway (the Honky Tonks) and 2nd (the Entertainment District). It was great! We heard lots and lots of live music! Not all of it was country, but most was! I looked for some boots - I really want some cowboy (girl?) boots! But I didn't see any I liked.
We had great weather - and such a good time! It is nice to just get out of town for a little bit!


Anonymous said...

I love the back shot- you even got the back of the man and his dog!!

Anonymous said...

That wasn't Garet and Suzie was it?
Did ya'll take Suzi?

Kelly said...

Yeah, it was Garet and Suzi :)