Thursday, October 15, 2009


It has been so rainy and gross lately! I am really sick of it! It affects my moods: sunshine = happy, rain = sad.

So what's there to do on a rainy gross day? Bake!! Garet was actually into it too! (Dare I say, it was even his idea?!) I have been wanting to make this dessert for a long time now. Garet went to the store for a few supplies that we didn't have at the house - and I prepared everything else.

We decided to make an Apple Cake in an Iron Skillet. This is from The Pioneer Woman's website - which, by the way, if you have never been to, go now. She is hilarious, and her food always looks amazing! Anyway - so we totally tag-teamed this dessert! We had fun, we were laughing, we made a huge mess! It was a wonderful night!

The last step in the recipe is to put the skillet into the oven for 20-25 minutes. So I did. Then I decided I was going to jump in the shower and when I got out it should be almost finished. Garet started on the dishes. Well..... when I got out of the shower and opened the bathroom door I saw Garet opening our bedroom windows(???). Then I walked into the living room and could barely see! There was smoke EVERYWHERE!!

I started freaking out! But Garet said that the cake overflowed and dripped onto the bottom of the oven. No biggie - it just smoked up the house! So our poor cake was half-way done and the oven was "airing out". Poor Suzi was outside. She literally refused to come back in the house! After the oven had mostly cooled, we wiped out what we could of the stuff on the bottom of our oven, and decided, what the heck - let's stick the cake back in. We couldn't just throw it away :( not after all of our hard work...

It still smoked but not too bad. AND our dessert was actually really good! Even after all that! Here it is:
(Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman)
Well not really - ours wasn't this pretty. The picture I took didn't do it justice, so I just used the one off of Pioneer Woman's website.

What a night! At about 9:00 it seemed that the smoke and the smell were pretty much gone (or we had just got used to it). So we went to get Suzi from outside so we could lock up for the night. Poor dog was not having it! She would come to the door, put one paw inside, then run backwards. If you know our dog, you know she hates to be apart from us, so this was really unusual! We finally got her inside and just closed us all inside our bedroom for the night.

This morning everything is back to "normal" :)

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