Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My brother graduated from bootcamp on Friday!  I posted HERE when he officially became a Marine, but Friday was the actual graduation.  My parents, Kailey (his wife), her parents and aunt, my cousin, and a few of their friends were able to make the trip to cheer him on!  I am SO sad that I wasn't able to be there.  At least I have pictures to look at...  these are all from my mom...

They got to Parris Island on Wednesday.  Thursday was Family Day, so they were able to hang out with Eric and have lunch.  Here is the love birds... after 13 long weeks of not seeing each other or talking...

And, of course, here they are with my parents

On Friday morning they had graduation.  I got a text with this picture... they were thinking of me =)
(Mom sent him that picture of us while he was in bootcamp)

I know it was such an awesome, emotional, happy, fun day! 

Can't wait to see everyone again!!!

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