Sunday, August 22, 2010


Whenever we go on a walk, we have to say "W" because Suzi knows what "walk" means.  For example, Garet will say, "Hey Kelly do you want to go on a W?"  If we say "walk", even in the middle of a sentence, Suzi will go crazy!  She LOVES walks W's! 

Anyway, yesterday morning we went on a W.  I haven't actually put on shoes that I have to tie in a long time (normally I just slip on flip flops)... so I realized that it is very difficult to bend over and tie my shoes!  So... my sweet husband helped me =)

Here are a couple pictures I took of Suzi (since we don't have our computer I don't have my editing program... so these are straight from the camera.  I didn't get to edit them).

She is just too cute!  And here she is, probably thinking, "Get that camera out of my face!"  =)

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