Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I figured I'd do a short update on what we've been up to... 

- My brother is graduating NEXT Friday!!  I can't believe how fast it seemed to fly!  I have gotten a few letters from him (which I LOVE!) and he seems in good spirits, definitely counting down the days, but really positive about how things are going.  It's always nice to get an upbeat letter!  After his graduation he'll have about 10 days at home, then travel to Camp Lajeune, NC to do his combat training, and then he's off to California for classes.  They won't tell him how long he'll be in Cali until he gets there...  crazy.

- Our computer is at the doctor... For some reason it wouldn't let us burn CDs, so we took it to the Geek Squad (at Best Buy) and it had to be shipped off.  So... we are without for 2 weeks.  We have Garet's work computer, but it doesn't have all my stuff on it, and I just don't feel like messing with it.  So, you will be without many pictures for a while.

- Yesterday was my birthday.  It was really nice, and Garet made it special - he made me open my gifts first thing yesterday morning =)  One thing I get was a new camera lens!!
I LOVE IT!  I've only gotten to practice on Suzi, and lucky for me she decided to be good and sit still!  I will have to post the pictures once we get the computer back.  Garet gave me a Marines shirt - and it fits!  Woo hoo!  So I will be representing Eric here for his graduation!  We also went to a nice dinner last night.

- Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks!  Some people say 35/35, because you are 35 weeks with 35 more days to go!  Wow I have a lot to do!  The nursery is getting there... we at least have all the furniture in.  I still have stuff I want to put on the walls.  Don't worry I'll post some pictures when I get it finished.

- I have the day off from work Friday... no reason, just because I wanted a day.  I can't wait!  Speaking of work... we have a big show coming up next weekend - Home and Outdoor Living Expo.  It is new this year, so if you're in Hsv check it out!  Although, I'm hoping NOT to be there!  My boss said she wouldn't work me too hard, so we'll see if I have to work or not.

- This weekend I have Bunco on Saturday and my sunday school class is throwing me and another girl a shower on Sunday.  I'm sure it will go by too fast... like all weekends do =)

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Amanda said...

Hey I just got the 3.5mm 1.8 for our anniversary. We will have to get together and play with our lenses.