Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morning...

Suzi is so funny with Garet - she LOVES him, and it is so adorable!  In the mornings, I get up first (I would say 98% of the time) and I always go into the bathroom to get ready, normally Suzi follows me in there and I tell her Good Morning.  When Garet gets up, she goes CRAZY!  I am talking running around, jumping up and down, wagging her tail (and knocking anything in it's path out of the way!)  It is soooo funny! 

This morning Garet stayed in bed and started talking to her... she just got so excited she did this:
hahaha!  She is NOT allowed on any of our furniture... and she knows it!  So, she was very hesitant to put her feet up there, but when Garet egged her on, she plopped her whole upper half up there.  She wouldn't go any further though.

Check out that Good Morning kiss!

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