Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby shower...

This past Saturday my family threw Colin and me a baby shower!  It was so much fun!  I got to see [almost] all the girls in my family, and we had such a great time!!  I also finally got to meet the newest addition!  Ava!  She is three months old now! 

The cake was really cute... it was a baby crawling under a blanket.

My cousin, Lindsay, got this sweet piggy bank!  I love it!  She even already had some money in it! =)

The shower was held at my parents house.  The duck in the back is a tub, and they filled it with blue punch and little yellow bath duckies!  Suzi was VERY interested in the duck - especially after she heard it quack!  (when you squeeze his beak he quacks!  haha)

Here is all of my lovely hostesses, and my mom of course!
(my aunts Ann and Mary, sister-in-law Kailey, cousin Lindsay, Me, cousin Christine, and my mom).

For the past few weeks, Lindsay has been talking about a "surprise gift" that she had planned.  She kept saying how all of them (everyone that hosted the party) bought different things for it, and she hoped it turned out good, etc.  It was driving me crazy to know what it was!  Well... here it is!
A diaper cake!  And I think it had everything possible on it!  Clothes, bibs, socks, medicines, brush, pacifiers, TONS of stuff!!  I was amazed!  Not to mention all the diapers rolled up in there!  It was very impressive! 

I was so excited to see some of my friends that I hadn't seen in a LONG time!  Here is me and Cayce - we met around the same time that Garet and I met... we all worked at a restaurant together.

I didn't get too many pictures of me opening gifts, but I did get a few... Kailey got some of the cutest onesies!  She gave Colin a firefigher one (my dad is a retired fireman), and two Marine ones!  ADORABLE!  This one says, "My Uncle is A MARINE" - can't wait to see Eric with Colin wearing this!!

Garet's mom also sent a couple gifts... this is a blanket that she made!  Isn't it beautiful?!  Everyone had to get a close up look at it to see how she did it!  I just love it!

I hate that I didn't get a picture of everyone!  Maybe someone else has some on their camera!  I did manage to grab my friend Andrea before she left!  I've known Andrea since 9th grade, and like everyone else, it's been way too long since I'd seen her!

I had so much fun!  And I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!  Colin is going to be one loved little boy!

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