Monday, July 12, 2010


Garet and I (well me probably more so than him!) have decided  to use cloth diapers for Colin.  I have been researching this for a long time now, and am actually excited about this adventure!  (ask me how I feel about it a few months in... you might get a different answer!)  After talking to a few people that I know that use cloth diapers and then buying a few different brands to get a handle on how exactly they work, I was sold.  We decided to go with the Flip System stay-dry diapers. 
They come in really cute colors... and they are a one size diaper (it has snaps so it can fit 7 - 35 lbs).  So they should last him.  We will still use the disposable occasionally (like I know our church won't do cloth), so all the disposables we have already got will be used! 

Anyway - we will see how this goes!  =)


Lacey said...

Ooh good luck! Hopefully they will work for you guys...every little bit helps!

Another blog I read just did a review on the cloth diapers she uses...don't know that much about them but maybe it will be useful to you even though it's another brand:

Carrie said...

I thought about doing this too!!! I would LOVE to hear your opinion after he's here! I could be convinced to use them, but I didn't really know anyone to talk to about them!

Anonymous said...

Good for you (and the environment!). I hope it works out. And since they button, you don't have to worry about pinning the diaper to little Colin (like my mom did to me:)).

Meghan said...

Yay!!! Hooray for Cloth!!!!! Colin's little buns will thank you! I know you will love the Flips, they are working out great for us! Wanted to let you know too I just ordered the newest bumGenius 4.0 one size I am so excited! Supposedly they fit very similarly to the Flips, but better! I will let you know how it fits and give you my review!