Friday, July 2, 2010


When I was in kindergarten I met Marsha.  She asked me to tie her shoes (she didn't know how yet).  We have been best friends ever since.  Almost 23 years!  We have shared everything!  Last May she got married, and then moved to Texas (alone) to do an intern... she had just finished her Veterinary degree and wanted more experience.  This week was her last week in Texas (after a year!) her husband Skip flew down to help her pack.  Yesterday they made a pit stop here to meet us for lunch!
It was sooo nice to see her again!  I am so excited for them to get back to North Carolina to start their business!  - They are starting their own large animal veterinary clinic!  (Skip is a Vet too). -  I can't wait to go visit them there!!  It was a fast visit, but so great!

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