Monday, July 19, 2010

Sympathy pains...

I have read that sometimes when a woman is pregnant, their husband gets sympathy symptoms.  Well... so far Garet has been the one to get sick during this pregnancy.  Back in March he got a horrible stomach bug!  He pretty much locked himself in the guest bedroom for 2 days (so he didn't spread it to me).  And then the next month or so, he got a horrible cold and was all stuffed up.  Lucky for me, I didn't catch either of these!
If you can't read the sign it says, "Sympathy sickness is wearing me out! =)"

Well we've both managed to stay well for the most part for a few months... and then came July.  First I should say that as a child Garet was extremely allergic to bee stings.  He was desensitized, but hasn't really been stung since.  So at the beginning of the month he called to let me know (I was at work) that he had been stung by a bee or something while he was mowing the grass.  He ended up being fine.

And then last Wednesday he called (again I was at work) to let me know he'd been stung like 3 or 4 times, while mowing.  He was fine, but when I got home he was saying how his leg felt "hot and tight".  (He was stung once or twice on the shin and twice on the ankle.)  By Thursday morning, his ankle was so swollen!
On top of that, he has pulled a muscle in his neck.  So he had been icing/heating his neck while laying on the couch.  When his foot was so swollen, he had his neck all propped up, and his foot up with ice.  So sad.  He went to the doctor and they loaded him up with some medicines... so hopefully he'll be back to normal soon!
(By the way, the bees in our backyard were found, and gotten rid of).

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Anonymous said...

Poor Garet. I had no idea that the pregnancy had been so hard on him. See you in a few days:)