Friday, July 16, 2010

Our first [surprise] baby shower...

That's right!  Garet and I had our first baby shower! --This actually took place almost about 3 weeks ago, I was waiting on pictures before I did a post about it, but I haven't gotten them yet... so I went ahead and posted =)
First off, Garet is a District Executive with the Boy Scouts - he LOVES working with the people and the kids!  He depends greatly on his volunteers to pull off camps, events, etc.  And lucky for him, he has some great people volunteering!

So, every Thursday night Garet has a meeting with them.  A few Thursday's ago I was invited.  They told Garet it was a "family thing" so I need to come with him.  He had no idea they were planning anything!  When we showed up, I saw the cutest baby cake and diaper cake on the table!  It was so sweet!!  They had planned this whole shower/dinner for us!  We Colin got a lot of great things!  It was so touching that they went to all that for us!  It just shows how much Garet means to them! 

I took this picture from one of the ladies on facebook - this was the cake!  Amazing, right?  Hopefully I can find another picture of it sooner or later.  The onesie on top was a boy scout uniform!  And I don't know if you can tell, but on the front it says "COLIN" and the whole thing was edible!
(if you click on it, it will get bigger)
It was so nice that everyone went to all that for us!  We got lots of great items: Clothes, diapers, frames, toys, books, blankets, so many nice things!  They also had everyone write down some advice and they put the notecards all together for us.  It was hilarious reading some of them!  Some were serious (most said something about "patience"), but some were just funny.  One of my favorites was to Garet... it said for him to always remember to say "Yes Dear".  So far, he's done a good job.  haha

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Aww that is such a cute cake!!