Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My new niece...

September 26, 2011
My parents, Colin and I traveled to Jacksonville to meet my new niece!  My brother is deployed - Kailey had a c-section (Morgan was breech), so it was understood to everyone that no one gets to see Morgan until after Eric did.  He was able to oovoo (like Skype) with Kailey after she got out of surgery... so here was our first glimpse of Morgan!

She was getting her bath in the nursery with Kailey's mom.

The rest of the family got some lunch in the cafeteria, then we took turns going in to see sweet little Morgan!

She is so perfect!  She was 7 lbs 7 oz, 20 2/3 inches long, and a head full of dark hair! 
Colin was very interested =)

Eric was in the room the whole time!  It was soooo special!  We got to talk to him and he had a permanent smile!  He is going to be an awesome Dad!  It was really great.  I still get emotional thinking about it! 

Colin had fun looking at Uncle Eric on the computer!  He also had fun looking at his new cousin!

Me with Morgan.

Colin really really wanted to get closer to see her!  He was so good in the hospital!

Morgan sleeping with her mama.

She started sucking her thumb!  When Eric was a baby he used to suck his thumb!

Morgan Laine Davis.

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Wife, Mama, Meghan said...

She is beautiful. I know all of you are missing Eric so much right especially Kailey. I have had you and your family on my heart so much lately. I will continue to pray for strength and peace for all of you until Eric arrives safely home in February. Love you!