Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I got a couple of pumpkins for Halloween and I figured Colin is still too young to carve... so I decided to let him paint them.  I was just going to set out paint and let him go at it, but a couple days ago I saw a blog post here (which is an awesome blog by the way!)  So I decided to copy them =)




We set out a long sheet of construction paper so he would have plenty of room to make a mess.  I put the paint on paper plates and we let him go!  He actually seemed to be more interested in trying to get to the bottles of paint than actually "decorating" the pumpkins!  And he got really excited about halfway through and got up and started running around!  Garet and I were trying to chase him down, while avoiding paint!  I bet we looked like crazy people!  But in the end, everything was completely washable =) and the pumpkins turned out pretty cute!

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