Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today we got LOTS and LOTS of rain from the tropical storm.  It was pouring down rain all morning and early afternoon!  When Colin woke up from his nap, it finally cleared up and was beautiful outside!  But...

... it left the back part of our backyard SUPER muddy!  We went out to play in his watertable, and then he took off into the back of the yard.  I didn't think much of it, then walked out there and saw this:

Can you see him stepping right into the puddle?! 

Obviously I went and grabbed my camera!  I figured what the heck!  Get muddy!  Have fun!  And boy did he!  He actually just stomped and jumped into all the mud puddles, and he did splash around with his hands, but he really didn't get mud on his shirt or shorts!  Surprisingly.

Suzi was more of a mess than Colin!  Check out those back legs!
Colin had so much fun!  I finally got him to go back to the watertable to rinse off =)

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