Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orlando, FL...

Garet and I dropped Colin and Suzi off with my parents and headed on vacation!  We went to Orlando, FL and stayed in a nice hotel at SeaWorld!  As soon as we got there we changed into our bathing suits and headed to one of the three pools! 

Later that night we walked around the hotel and found shuffleboard... which I kicked butt in by the way...  (to be fair, we played later in the week and Garet won....)

 I was the black, Garet was the yellow.  =)
We just ate at the restaurant at the hotel that night.  This is us on our balcony:

 We went to SeaWorld for a day, and had a blast!!  We got to see them feeding the dolphins - and we got to touch them!  There was a viewing area under the water that we could see them too:

 We rode all the roller coasters - which were awesome!  I hadn't ridden a roller coaster in a long time, so I really was scared!  Our favorite was Manta, you basically were sitting facing outward... so when you went up the big hills, all you saw was the world around you!  It was so crazy! 
We went to Shamu's show - and it was so good!  We definitely got wet! 

There was also a shark restaurant that we ate lunch at.  It was like you were sitting inside a huge aquarium - there were fish and sharks swimming all around you!

This was a trip to celebrate our anniversary that is coming up (June 3!) so we went to a nice dinner to celebrate 6 years of a wonderful marriage!

Downtown Disney was awesome!  There are tons of stores and food - the Lego store was amazing!  This dragon/snake/whatever was made from legos!  Crazy!

 We had perfect weather!  And took a couple breaks at different restaurants to grab some drinks, and cool off! 

Dinner was at Planet Hollywood - there was soooo much to look at!  It was hard to focus on anything because there was so much!  Then we had dessert at a Ghirardelli place... can you say YUM?!

We hit the pool almost everyday.  It was great to relax and read a book by the pool!  We definitely used this vacation to sit back, relax, reconnect, and just enjoy being together!  One night we went to Universal CitiWalk.

It was fun - after dinner (at Hard Rock Cafe), there was a DJ that was giving instructions on dancing to different popular songs.  We joined in, of course, and it was so neat to see all the different people that were dancing!  Young, old, male, female... I mean you name it we saw them out there dancing!  =)  It was really neat.   Garet said it reminded him of being in a flash mob!  We were all doing the same dance in the middle of CitiWalk. 

We had a great time!  But like any vacation, it is nice to be home.  And VERY nice to see Colin again!!!  Oh I missed that kid so bad! 
Garet and I had a great, much needed, vacation! 

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Lacey said...

That sounds so awesome! I love Orlando!