Friday, May 18, 2012

This week...

Most weeks start off with me thinking, "what in the world are we going to do all week?"  Then by Friday I think, "wow, we stayed so busy, how did it get to be Friday already?!"

What better way to wake up from a nap than to wake up to the garbage truck?!?!
Colin LOVES "ducks" (trucks) and just watches with an open mouth as they drive by.  I caught Garet with him watching the garbage get picked up on Tuesday =)

Then I turned around and caught my sweet girl enjoying the peaceful house while the boys were outside:

We filled most of our mid-mornings playing in the water before lunchtime.  As you can see I didn't fill it up very much - I honestly didn't feel like having a soaked boy - but he had just as much fun with it! 

At least this way he got to get a little bit wet, but not totally drenched!  It was nice to be able to sit and prop my feet up outside while he splashed and splashed! 
I love this sweet boy so much!

When I was in the kitchen one day I heard Colin in the living room saying, "Hello"... "blah blah blah blah"  (your guess is as good as mine as to what he said)... "buh bye".  And when I walked in he had his [pretend] cell phone to his ear!  He was just chatting away!  It was adorable! 
Then another day when I was in the kitchen (are you seeing a trend here?), I heard the t.v. turn on... I walked into the living room and here was Colin:

The little stinker found the remote and turned it on!  I had no idea he knew how to do that.  We really don't watch much t.v.  (Aside from the Today Show and Ellen, of course)  Colin won't sit still long enough to watch anything anyway! 

I am realizing more and more that I am very OCD about things... like Colin will dump out his whole box of toys and as soon as he has lost interest and run away I will pick them all back up and put them away.  Then 5 minutes later he will dump them out again.  I will put them away.  Over. and. Over.  I can't help it.  He has these blocks that came in a flat container that is outlined where the blocks go... I HAVE to put the blocks back in the correct outlined place.  If one is missing I will search high and low until I find it.  Just ask Garet.  I have issues.
So... with crafts I have a hard time just letting Colin have markers/crayons/paint (oh man the paint...) because I don't want it all over everything.  I have a rule that when he is drawing he has to sit at his desk.  If he gets up to run around he has to leave the markers/crayons/pens whatever with me.  Is that crazy?  I really can't help it - hope I'm not stunting his imagination!  =)
This Crayola "marker" that I found is perfect because it ONLY marks on this special paper.  So it eases my mind a bit when he is drawing

We have also been using a new cup.  Colin mainly drinks out of the little straw cups that won't leak when it is thrown all over the place.  This one will leak... and he has to tilt his head back to drink out of it.  It is like a plain cup except it has a little sippy.  He is doing awesome with it. 

This morning, Garet got Colin up from bed and brought him downstairs.  He went ahead and dressed him!  That is always interesting =)  Today was red, white, and blue overalls that were big on him, so the shorts came down past his knees... they actually came to the top of his cowboy boots.  That's right, he already had on shoes boots.  And under the overalls was a red polo t-shirt that was huge on him!  It was interesting  goofy looking perfect!

After breakfast, Colin had to read up on the latest happenings in my Parents magazine.

I changed him.  Not because I didn't like the outfit, but because it was too big for him.
And snapped a picture of my sweet babies

Tonight, we went out to dinner... got home... I bathed Colin and put him to bed... Garet mowed the grass... and now it is only 8:00 and we can CHILL on the couch =)  Perfect Friday night!

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L Davis said...

What a busy day! I especially like the tv and remote, hahaha. He looked like he knew what to do!