Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick weekend trip...

We took a last minute trip to Charlotte on Friday.  Right away Colin jumped into his car and starting driving...

... check out the tongue!  Silly boy!
While we were outside, I heard something behind me...

Two crazy rabbits!  And I mean they were crazy!  They got so close to me! 
We had a good time... when we were packing up on Sunday morning we realized we were missing something...

(yes that is the Today Show...) Can you find our missing item???

ha!  Funny what you will find and where!

So yesterday (Mother's Day) on our way home, we stopped by my best friend Marsha's house!  She has two horses and so I got to ride with her!  Meet Brody:

Marsha has been my best friend since kindergarten!  (That is about 25 years for those that are counting!) We grew up doing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. together!  Including riding horses.  Marsha has always owned horses, I got my first (and only) horse in the 6th grade.  It was our absolute favorite thing to do!  Here is Colin being introduced:

Since college, I sold my sweet horse, and didn't really ride much until we moved to Alabama.  There I met a lady and rode with her, as well as watched her horses (and other animals) when they went out of town.  But that has been over 3 years ago!! 

So, I was in heaven when I got to get on this sweet horse and ride with my best friend! 
We went on a trail behind her house.  Garet, Colin and Skip (Marsha's husband) rode the four wheeler by us where Garet snapped this picture with his phone:

I was excited to let Colin meet the horses and was even more excited when I held out my hands for him and he readily got on the horse with me!

Don't worry, Marsha was holding Brody the whole time (I just did a bit of photoshopping in the last picture)  =) 
And one of my favorite pictures of Colin and I is posted on A Beane A Day if you want to see it.

Then Garet came to get him off the horse and he didnt' want to get down!!  So we walked a tiny bit.  Colin loved it!  And so did I! 

I had a great Mother's Day - I also got treated with breakfast, a massage certificate, and dinner!  I am so blessed and thankful to be a mother to my sweet boy! 

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L Davis said...

This is so great! To see Colin beginning a love of horses is so see you and Marsha together and riding brings a flood of memories! I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! (But I wish you had scared those rabbits away forever!)