Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My boy and me...

Garet had to go to Wilmington for a work conference for a few days... so Colin and I have been having fun here!  Want some milk?

I have enjoyed our time so much!  I have just soaked up every bit of him.  I have really, really loved having this time with Colin.   =)

 We have spent a lot of time outside... Colin found a limb of pine needles that he swept with...

Like he really went around the yard sweeping.  It was so cute.  He would sweep, then look up at me to make sure I saw him "cleaning"

We have gotten a lot of housework done too, believe it or not!  Just like sweeping outside, Colin is a big help cleaning inside.  It may take me a little longer to do things - but it is much more fun having him helping. 

For Easter (I know it was over a month ago!!) Colin got a water table, and we haven't even taken it out of the box yet!  But I have a feeling this week could be the week!  Especially since Colin popped a hole in the box!

When I am cooking Colin likes to pull up a chair and hang out at the counter.  He watches, plays with whatever I have on the counter, drinks his milk... and sometimes he makes messes...

Guess he doesn't like milk on his face.

Colin also figured out how to eat his popsicle!  (Remember he was grabbing it by the actual popsicle part)

The only thing about this was that he sat in his wagon to eat it, and I pulled him around some.  And then realized that he wanted me to pull him around the entire time he was eating the popsicle... which was a LONG time.  At least I got some excercise =)

Today was raining and gloomy outside, so we decided to do some drawing...

Check out his hand!
He really wanted to cap the markers himself...  at least they are washable!
In this next picture I had just said to him, "Hey, Colin... you have something on your face."

He was like, "right here mom???"
Oh I love this kid so much! 
We had tons of fun together, but we sure are glad Daddy is home!!


Missy said...

His red curls are so adorable!

L Davis said...

I'm so glad you captured these moments! Colin is so proud of his accomplishments! What a good mommy you are!