Monday, January 14, 2013

Keeping busy...

We had a really fun and busy weekend!  On Friday Colin and I met up with a friend, Stephanie, and her daughter, Abby.  Abby is about 3 months older than Colin, and they are so cute together!  It's always funny to see how your kid interacts with other kids their age =)  We went to the Children's Museum downtown.  This place is so much fun!  It is a great activity to do especially on a rainy day (which it was).  Here are the kids sliding...
Then we moved on to the train area.  Colin was fascinated by the train wheels.  He laid on his belly to try and look under the train...  The train table is always a hit:
There was also a little place that had a chalkboard on the floor.  Colin sat right in the middle and started drawing =)
The "grocery store" was hilarious!  Abby was all about the lemons!  She filled her cart full of them!  Colin just grabbed one of everything.  It is so cute seeing these little ones pushing around their carts full of food!
One section was called "Nana's house" and it was a mini house... Colin had fun cooking in the kitchen...
Here is the food he made for us:
Please make note: he gave me spaghetti and meatballs.... he gave himself a tortilla, a big ole piece of chocolate cake, and a slice of bread.  

The kids also got to make a craft.  It was really cute.  They put some foam paint (or something like that) mixed with some glue on a plate.  (it was all non-toxic)  Then the kids used Q-tips to dip in the paint stuff and put onto black construction paper.  They were supposed to make snowmen.  And when it dried it really feels like snow. 
It was really cute.  They kids had a blast!  Afterwards we met up with our husbands and had lunch.

On Saturday the guys (Garet and Abby's dad, Colin) had some work to do at the office (they work together) so Colin (my Colin) and Abby got to have a little playdate again.  They are so funny together!  Abby would run around then fall on the ground... then Colin would lay next to her and right in her face say, "Wake up Abby!"  Abby would then say, "I am awake!"  Here they are coloring...
Colin just scribbled all over the page... Abby drew lots and lots of circles.  So funny to see the two of them together!

Sunday, after church, we had packed a lunch so we drove out to our new house!  We wanted to see how the playgrounds were near our new place.  So, we ate our picnic then got to playing!
For the record: Colin loves the playground near our new house =)
It was such a nice day!  70* and sunny!  Perfect!
Today was our inspection on our house - we are so excited! 

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