Friday, January 18, 2013

Rain, snow, and ice - go away...

I am ready for spring!!!!!!
The past few days, it has been cold and raining.  We have had to find things to do outside the house to get energy out!  One day we met up with a friend and her son at a place called Backyard Paradise.  This place sells those nice wood playgrounds, and they have a showroom that they let kids play in.
There was about 5 different playgrounds with slides and swings, 3 trampolines, basketball, and putt putt inside!  Colin loved it!  The only thing was that he FLEW down the slides!!  The first one he went down, I wasn't expecting that, so he flew off right on his little booty!  After that he kept asking "mommy catch me"... so I did =)  He really liked the putt putt too... but he mostly picked up the ball to put it in the hole!
He loved the playgrounds!  When he sees a steering wheel, it is almost always a boat.  So here he is driving his boat...
The next day we headed to the Children't Museum (which I've blogged about before).  I didn't take too many pictures there, but it was a wonderful place to go on a rainy day! 

Last night it started snowing around 7 or so... by 9 our power had gone out.  I added some extra blankets to Colin's bed and ours and we headed to sleep.  The power was still out this morning - so our house was freezing!  But we got all bundled up and headed out to play.
Colin got busy pulling his wagon all over the front yard!  He was so cute since he was so bundled up... I know it made it hard to maneuver! 
It was fun to run around in the snow/ice with Colin.  It always makes things more fun when he is having a good time!  He has gotten to where he sticks his tongue out alllll the time! 
What a cute kid!!  Love him so much!
Then daddy got home with firewood!  We were so excited!
Our landlords give us tons of firewood, which is awesome because we at least got one room of our house heated up!  The power stayed off until about 4 this afternoon. 
We got creative and made a "road" for Colin's cars.  (I took pictures, but forgot to change the settings... boo!  So they weren't good).  I took some of the big construction paper roll I have and cut a big section off.  Then I made roads, and I added houses, a lake with a boat (of course), a playground, trees, a fire station, a farm... I may have gotten carried away with my drawings.  But he LOVED it!  It kept him occupied for over an hour!  He had a blast driving his car to "mommy's house" and then "the neighbors house" it was so cute!  We still have it, I will try to get another picture tomorrow!

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