Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...

As I mentioned, after Christmas we spent a few days in Morehead City!  If I keep calling this house "Blue Skies", it's because that is the name of it.  Don't want you to get confused =) 
We LOVE going here!  It is on the intercoastal waterway, and it is sooooo peaceful!  Thank you Kay for letting us stay!!  It was cold, but still so pretty!  We even saw dolphins, although Colin called them "sharks" so I just let him think he saw a shark.

The first day we were there started off super rainy!  After lunch it stopped but left some major puddles that Colin just couldn't resist!  So, we put on his rainboots and headed out on a walk.  These next two pictures go together:  Running to the puddle.... and running through the puddle!

I made sure to have his jeans tucked into his boots so that he wouldn't get too wet.... HA!  What a joke!  The boy was soaked!  When we went back, Garet even dumped water out of his boots!  What a boy!  It didn't help that Garet was right beside him yelling, "JUMP COLIN!  JUMP BIG!!" 
We also headed to Fort Macon one afternoon.  This is the walkway into the fort...

They had done a really good job fixing it up.  One side of the fort was supposed to be just like it was back in the 1800's when it was built, the other side was turned into little rooms that told the history.  This was one of the little doorways in a room:
There was also huge brick staircases that went up to where the cannons were:
It was neat to see.  And Colin had a blast running around!  Here he is giving daddy high fives through a window:
We had a fire every night, which was awesome!  I love real fires!  And I love that my husband loves them!  (he gets the wood, starts the fire, keeps it going, and cleans it up!  I sit and enjoy.  What's not to love?!) 
On New Year's Eve we went into Beaufort to walk around by the water.  It is such a cute little town!  And there are fun shops that I like walking around in.  On our way back to our car, we spotted a firetruck!  Go figure!  Colin LOVES firetrucks, so it was only fitting that we see one.  One of the fireman said, "Go ahead and open the door and put him in if you want to!"
He was in heaven!  And he talked about it nonstop the whole way home... and through dinner... and the next day...
Before we put Colin to bed, we took a picture with our "fun" drink (Sparkling grape juice.... super yummy to this pregnant girl!)
And then I'm pretty sure we were in bed by 10.  My oh my how things have changed =)

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