Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009...

We had such a great Christmas!! On Monday I met up with Garet in Raleigh. We spent the week with one of his sisters Karen, her daughter Kathryn, and her son Sam. Garet's mom also came down to visit (she left behind about 20 inches of snow!!) (in DC).
Garet and Sam

We met up with another one of Garet's sisters, Merideth, and her family. We went to dinner one night, and the next they came over and we played at the park.
On Christmas Eve we went to a nice service at church. Then we set out cookies, hot chocolate (they were out of milk), and a letter to Santa.
Garet and his mom
On Christmas Day after we got up and opened presents, we got to play! I got a tripod for my camera, so we decided to take some fun shots :)
That night we headed over to Merideth's house for dinner. It was a really nice Christmas!
Garet and Kathryn

The next day we packed up and headed to Charlotte. Suzi stayed with my parents while we were in Raleigh. We celebrated Christmas again with my family that night.
Garet and I have gotten in a routine where we alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas with each side of the family. This year Thanksgiving was my family, Christmas was his. BUT since my brother is joining the Marines and it is possibly the last Christmas all together for awhile we made an exception.

My uncle came over with us and we had dinner and opened gifts. I used my tripod to take a group shot!
We had such a great time! We got stuck in traffic yesterday traveling back, so it took about 2 hours longer to get home... we were so tired! At least this is a short week!!

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Lacey said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love the family shot!