Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Alone...

Yep, I'm home alone, Garet went out of town...
oh, and he took Suzi with him... He is driving to Charlotte. Dropping off the dog. Spending the night with my parents. Driving to Wilmington, N.C. Meeting up with his dad. Working on our rental house. Spending the weekend with his aunts and grandmother. Driving to Raleigh. Meeting up with me. And spending Christmas with his sisters. OH... and then driving back to Charlotte. Getting the dog. Hanging with my family. Driving back to Huntsville.

Sounds crazy when I actually type it all out :) It really is a good idea though! I am sure I've mentioned our first house on this blog. It's a cute little thing up near the coast of North Carolina. It has been rented by the same lady since we left (over 3 years ago!) It needs some TLC, so G and his dad are going to do manly projects to fix it up.

I am going to fly into Charlotte Friday. I get to spend some fun time with my parents, AND I get to attend a bridal shower for my brother and his fiance! I can't wait! I will meet back up with Garet in Raleigh on Monday. I'm sooo excited!

But in the meantime... I will try to keep myself busy so I'm not sad! It will be weird not having my man or my dog!

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