Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catch up...

I am going to try to catch this blog up!  We were in Charlotte for two weeks!  For Christmas and New Year.
I will make this as short and sweet as possible =)

Soon after we got to Charlotte, we got news from Eric that he only got 4 days leave for Christmas...
Kailey had already packed their house for their move to Camp Lejeune, so my dad and Garet loaded their stuff and drove the Uhaul to their new place.

I was sooo excited to see Eric!  I am so proud of him, and can already see a huge difference!  It was so wonderful to finally introduce Colin to his uncle!

We went to a Christmas Eve service (which Colin made himself known.  Lets just say he was testing his vocal cords).  Christmas morning was the best!  The whole family was there!  Including all four dogs!  (Suzi, my parents dog, Rusty, and Eric and Kailey's dogs, Macy and Biscuit)  My uncle and Patsy came by too!

Christmas day the family came over to my parents house.  It is always so nice to see everyone!  I am glad most of my family still lives close by so they can still get together easily!  That afternoon it started snowing!  By the next morning it was completely white!

That evening Garet, mom and I started a game, and the power went off!  It stayed off until we started eating dinner!  That was interesting!  We had all the candles lit!

Eric and Kailey had to get back to base for a few days (they came back to Charlotte for New Year).  Before they left we got a picture of Colin, Eric and my Dad)

Garet and I took advantage of having the grandparents and went out on a date night!  Dinner and a movie!  It was perfect!

And Colin enjoyed hanging out with his Papaw...
and Grandmama...

Garet was able to meet a couple of his friends in Boone to go skiing - and I was able to catch up with a few of my friends!
 Meghan and Sophie (age 4)

 Garet's sister Merideth and Abbi (2 weeks)


Andrea and Christy

Then we celebrated the NEW YEAR!!!

Whew! That was very simplified!  What a great trip!  Colin had a perfect 1st Christmas!

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Oh my gosh, He is getting so big!