Monday, January 17, 2011

Our weekend...

We started the weekend with some naps...
We have enjoyed having movie nights.  Garet has always been into movies... I get hooked on anything that's on t.v.  Commercials drive Garet crazy... he always mutes the t.v. when they are on.  So, I have kind of picked up on that - and I have gotten way more into movies since we've been together!  We have Netflix, and we have it where we get it through our Wii.  So there are tons of movies to choose from!  Every now and then we will make it a "date" and cut out all the lights, make popcorn, and curl up on the couch to watch a movie.  Since this little guy has gotten here, it is a little more difficult!
But we still manage to make it work.  Especially since he has been good about going to bed between 8-9.

Since starting A Beane A Day I have really been loving that I have taken so many more pictures!  I don't want to miss any of these precious moments!  And I love capturing Suzi with Colin.  She is so funny around him!
What do you think they're planning???

Colin's doctor told us he really didn't want to have Colin in the nursery or anything until after flu season.  So we have been taking him into Sunday school and church service on Sunday's.  But during church one of us always has to leave with him because he is making noise (even his happy noises are loud!)  So we decided to put him in nursery this Sunday.  He did awesome (so did I!) and we got to enjoy the entire service together! 

I just love this picture that I took that morning... I hate that it was blurry!
Garet and Colin were dressed alike =)  Love these guys!!

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you guys are so funny!