Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend and hair...

On Friday I made a very last minute decision to drive to Charlotte with Colin and Suzi (G was out of town).  I have wanted to make my hair dark for awhile now.  My sister in law does hair.... so we made a date =)  Here is the before and after (on a side note - the before picture was how my hair is when I wake up, wavy.  The after picture it had been straightened.)

I love it!  I am still getting used to it though.  I do a double take when I walk by a mirror!  And it didn't faze Colin at all

Since Kailey was occupied with doing my hair... my dad took on the job of watching the kids!  And he did a great job =)

We had a great weekend.  I can't say enough how nice it is to just be able to jump in the car and go for a weekend trip to my parents house!  And Colin picked up a new skill.... he can now peel an orange:

So, where was Garet this weekend?  Hanging out with all his sisters!

They had a great time!  I think it is awesome that they were all able to get together!


Missy said...

I LOVE your hair! I think we are definitely twins now!

Hunter and his family... said...

Kelly, is that you? I love the color!

Carrie said...

Wow! I've always wondered what my hair would look like a totally different color, but I've never gotten the courage up to try anything. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

your kid looks good juicy and tasty!