Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year...

Happy New Year!

Who has made new year's resolutions?? 
I normally don't.  But, this year I [kind of] am.  I decided that I am going to get in shape. 
I have never really had to work out to stay thin, I've always been fairly active, but never felt like I had to work out... after I had Colin, I breastfed, and I was very blessed to have all the baby weight plus some fall off.  I was below pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months.  So... (now that most of you reading this probably hate me now...) all of that to say that I stopped breastfeeding the beginning of October... and now I am feeling the effects of baby/not working out/eating crap.....
I really need to get in shape. 
The reason I am "kind of" making a resolution is because I am scared to commit.  If I don't do it, then I lose.  And I really hate to lose.    
I guess by writing it on this blog I have a little bit of accountability.
So, there ya have it.  My resolution. 

Garet made one last year - to quit drinking soda.  And guess what?  He did it.  Not a sip of soda in 2011!  Go Garet!
So this year he and my mom made a joint resolution.  See - my mom drinks at least one soda a day.  Diet Coke.  And Garet has a couple beers a week.  (he likes the taste for some reason??? =) )  Their resolutions were Mom has NO soda... Garet has NO alcohol!  I told my mom she should start a blog to document this - and she did!  Go say hey to my mom!

Hope everyone has a great year!!

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L Davis said...

7 days down, 357 to go!!