Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And we are here...

Garet called Uhaul and they told him that the truck was avalible at 12:30 that day!  (a day earlier than we thought!)  So we figured, let's go - let's do it!  To get prepared, Colin gave Garet a massage...

Then we went and got the truck!  Colin LOVED it!  "Tuck, tuck!"

He looked so little in that big 'ole truck!

Garet and I went ahead and started packing up a lot of our stuff before we went to bed that night.

My parents came!!  They were a HUGE help!  We were so busy getting things on the truck!  For lunch, we ordered pizza, and we all ate on the floor.  Colin was enjoying his chair on the floor so much that he sat there for like 15 minutes after we all had gotten up and gotten back to work!

 By 2, my mom and I loaded up Colin and Suzi and headed off to Greensboro!  Colin napped for about half of the 3 hour drive.  Garet and my dad got there about 8 that night.  We all decided not to try and unpack the truck... we just got what we needed for showers and sleep.  I think we were all exhausted!

We woke up and Garet treated us to breakfast in a cute little shopping area right down the road (I love this shopping area - there is seriously any store you could ever want!)  Then we got back to the house, and started working!

(by the way, I love this big window in our living room!)
My parents stayed and helped until we got the truck completely unloaded.  We are so thankful they were able to come and help us!   We tried to keep things as "normal" as possible for Colin.  I'm sure he had to be a bit confused, but he was such a trooper!  He didn't seem fazed at all!  In fact I think Suzi was more nervous than any of us!

We are still unpacking... but we have enough of our stuff unpacked to do day-to-day things.  And we got Internet today, along with our [basic] cable - just in time!  So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight! 


TiffyDun said...
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TiffyDun said...

You must be near Friendly Shopping Center. You know that I'm still in Greensboro. I'd love to see you. We need to exchange numbers...Tiffany Dunlap