Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playing at the park...

Well, we have lived here in Greensboro for a week now!  And I am proud to say, we are almost completely unpacked!  We leave tomorrow for a vacation for the week - so we wanted to get the house "comfortable" before we left... and I think we did it!  Yay!  After dinner tonight, we all went to the park!

It is awesome how close things are!  We are loving the area we live in now!  We literally walked a couple blocks to this little park.

Colin loved it, of course!  

He was excited to go down the smaller of the two slides.  Then he worked his way up to the bigger one!  He had a smile the whole time =)

And Garet had to give it a try too - guess since Colin was having so much fun, he wanted to give it a try...

This was the big slide.  Colin went down on his tummy:

When he got to the bottom, I could hear his giggles echoing up the slide!  It was too cute!

This little park had enough swings for all of us.  We had a blast! 

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