Monday, July 2, 2012


Get ready for picture overload!  =)
We were in our house for exactly a week and then we set out on vacation to the Chesapeake Bay with Garet's family!  We stayed in an awesome house right on the water.

It was huge!  And there was a private tennis court, pool, and a big field where you can play baseball.  Here is the view from the screened back porch.

We brought a few toys for Colin to play with... and Garet remembered to bring his bike!  He loves this thing! 

Garet set up the badminten net and there were some games played there.  Colin tried to get in on it... but he grabbed the volleyball instead...

One morning we had a tennis tournament at 8 in the morning.  For some of us, we were up anyway (Colin likes to wake up at 5:30), but for others... they had to set the alarm!  It was a lot of fun watching the games.  I think the winners of the whole thing were Garet's mom, Kay and his nephew, Jay.  

Colin absoultely loves the water!  I bought him a life vest... but it was too big.  So, we didn't keep it on him.  He would want to just jump in - and that scares me to death!  So, we set up a little sprinkler area off to the side of the pool.  This way, he got to play in the water without giving me a heart attack =)

Don't worry, he got to get in the pool at least once a day.  We just had to hold him.  But he had a blast!  He also had plenty of attention!  I think this was when the wind blew and got Kim and Jay wet... see the "sprinkler"? 

Like I mentioned... Colin and I were up at 5:30 each morning.  So, I got to see the sunrise.  And boy was it beautiful!

This house had boats and canoes, and fun stuff to play on the water with.  Garet and I actually canoed across the Bay.  Colin really liked to play in the canoe too!  He is so busy!

We had perfect weather the whole time we were there (that is, until the MAJOR storm the night before we left!  Talk about scary!)  The pool was so nice to have!  The last full day we were there, it was so muggy that you almost had to stay in the pool!  It was great!

We found a little life vest at the house for Colin.  It was a tad big, but it at least made us feel better about him at the pool.  We never let him go even with it on though.  He loved to stand on the side and jump in... "one, two, three, jump!"  And he LOVED when Garet would throw him up in the air!  Oh that smile just melts my heart!!

On Thursday, we all had a boat race!  Garet recruited some of the kids to help him mark the water where you had to race the boats to.

It was so fun because everyone came out and cheered on the people racing!  We did brackets (like they do in basketball).  Two at a time would race out and then come back.  Once it was down to 3, they all raced together.  Mary Kay was the winner! 

We had soooo much fun!  The last night we were there (as I previously mentioned) we had a huge storm!  I woke up at midnight to loud thunder and lightening - the water was flooding up to the steps of the house, the floats were flying all over the place, the umbrellas at the pool were breaking... it was really scary!  We hadn't watched news or anything, so we had no idea what was going on (and durning the storm the satellite was out, so I couldn't see the news then either - and the internet was down). 

When we left the next morning, we thought we were going to have a 6.5 hour drive home... but it took us 10 hours!!  TEN!  It was terrible.  The storm hit such a big area that there was no power so a lot of people were on the roads.  But Colin was awesome!  He was happy or napping the whole way home!  What an angel! 


Kim said...

What a great summary of the trip! And such great photos! Thanks for sharing with us!

Granny Kay said...

Glad that little guy was ok on the long trip home!! It was a fun week and glad it didn't end poorly for you with him upset in the car! Thank you for taking the time away from unpacking and settling in to join us!!!! Love you jr Beanes heaps!!

Hunter and his family... said...

What an awesome house and vacation spot for everyone to hang out at. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Glad you got back alright.

L Davis said...

Such great pictures! What fun for everyone!