Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Greenway...

We live right next to an awesome walking trail called The Greenway.  We probably take advantage of this almost once a day - whether it be walking it, running it, or biking it.  From our neighborhood, you cross a bridge to get there...

There are a couple bridges, and one car bridge that you go under (Colin loves that part!)  There is exercise equipment on the side of the trail the whole way.  Along the way there are also a couple playgrounds... yesterday we took advantage of one of those!

There were lots of trucks that Colin loved to play with.  He had a blast!  And we had Suzi... she probably didn't have quite as much fun (it was pretty hot... and the walk there took about 20 minutes), but she loves being with us when we are out and about.

There was a huge sandbox, which I'm sure is really gross and germy but Colin loves it.  Don't worry we washed our hands really well when we left =) Just look at all the trucks he had to play with! 

I was trying to coax him into playing on the actual playground, but he wasn't interested at all!

Eventually he went down the slide a few times, but by then it was time to be heading home. 
We love being so close to this trail! 

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