Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting settled...

Here are some random things that we have done since we've been here in Greensboro (that I haven't blogged about yet...):

- I woke up to this note a couple weeks ago:
"We are having a picnic breakfast =) (somewhere on Greenway)"

Garet and I have a system... I wake up with Colin every morning, and G gives him a bath and puts him to bed every night (that he is home), except Sundays.  On Sundays we switch.  It is working great for us!  So, on this Sunday morning, I came out of our room to complete silence... and then I saw this note on the top of the stairs!  How cute is that?!

- While cooking dinner one night, I turned around to see Colin riding a horse the paper towels!

He was obviously pretty proud of himself.  Oh and right after I took this, I went back to cooking, then noticed Colin trying to reach for the paper towels that are on the counter, "Peas, peas" [please, please], so I turned back around and the milk that is in that cup in the picture... was all over the floor.  At least he was wanting to clean it up.  But do you see how much milk is in there?!  It was a mess!

- We've gotten all of the pictures hung.  I think.  And one day I had a little helper...

He loves the step stool!  And me... yeah, I'm pretty sure he just wanted to hug me, not just stand on the stool. 
- We get snuggles.  Here is Garet and Colin after waking up one morning:

- Suzi gets snuggles too.

Colin was helping with laundry and I told him that the big towel was Suzi's (we use it when her feet are dirty before she comes inside).  So... he put it on her.  I think Suzi has just gotten used to Colin loving on her... sweet dog!

- Colin has been arranging..

It's no secret that I am not a big fan of Garet's shoes... but how cute are Colin's?!  =)
Colin lined these up together on the couch.
- Spin, spin, spin

Colin dragged this up from downstairs, and then quietly spun around and around while I made dinner =)

- We go on short trips...

Like a visit to the firestation!  After dinner, we went to Garet's office, and the fire department is right next to the office... so we went over to say hello.  They were sooooo nice!  And they let Colin climb up in the trucks!  Then they were leaving with one of the trucks, so they cut on the lights and waved to Colin on their way out!

Colin was speechless =)
He even got a (sticker) badge!  He loved it!

- We prepare for bath time (WARNING: nudity)

When I get Colin ready for his bath, we go in his room and undress and get his diaper off.  Then I let him run down the hall to the bathtub.  He loves it!  This night, he got a little distracted by his "tuck" [truck].

We are really enjoying where we live! 


Granny Kay said...

That little butt of Colins so reminds me of someone.....could it be his PA? Love this blog, just laugh out loud and go on to the next entry. You are great to do this and thank you.....heaps of fun!! The photo of him huggin your legs~ does he know how lucky he is to have the parents he has? And he so so loves YOU.....God is so good!! Amen grams

Us Daviss said...

i know i tell you like everyday but...i miss yall! I'm so glad you love Greensboro and I CAN NOT wait to visit!

L Davis said...

This is such a great post! I love the update AND the pics! Miss ya'll! xoxo

Hunter and his family... said...

Kelly, I love the photo of Colin hugging your leg! So cute! I can see Hunter doing that to me because when I'm in the kitchen doing some dishes he tries to climb up my leg to see what I am doing in the sink with the water...awwww!! Love the firestation photos!! Yay!! Glad you guys are adjusting so well to the new area.

Adriane Jons said...

oh that butt!