Sunday, July 22, 2012

Outside for the weekend...

Sidewalk chalk!
Look!  Colin wrote his own name!

That is so good sweet boy! 

The chalk lasted... maybe 10 minutes... or maybe 5... whichever, he had fun with it for the few minutes that he was playing with it.  But, then he spotted his wagon.  And you just can't compete with a big red wagon!

water... check
snack... check
branches.... check, check, check
I love this next picture... I was sitting on the front steps while Colin was pulling the wagon all over the place.  He came up to where I was and I kept trying to get him to look up at me and the camera!  Finally I said, "Say yay!"  and he threw up one hand and looked up and said, "Yay!"  I'm sure he would have thrown up both hands (like he normally does) but he had a little branch on the other hand =)

It seems that when Colin isn't wearing his [big 'ole] cloth diapers, his pants sag...

We put him in disposable when he is in nursery (either at church or at the gym), since they don't do cloth diapers.  Poor Colin, every few minutes I would have to go pull up his pants! 

Today, after church we played a bit inside, had lunch and a nap then headed outside to the lovely, muggy, overcast, wonderful July afternoon.  And got right back to the wagon... In the yard of this rental house is a mound of ivy of some sorts... Colin decided that he needed to pull his wagon through this mound... 

... which I thought was a bad idea.  I mean, snakes could be in there!  Right?  So, after I snapped a picture, I hurried him outta there!  Then he wanted to "dump" his wagon.  

He's spinning his tire =)
I knew Garet was on his way home (he had to go out to a camp this afternoon) so when I heard a car coming over the hill I kinda figured it was him... I got my camera ready...

He knew exactly who it was!  It was so cute!
We had a great weekend!  It rained lots, but when it wasn't raining it was nice to hang out outside.  And I'm looking forward to this week... someone has a birthday.... =) 

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L Davis said...

He's such a busy boy! I love all these stories! He's gonna love looking at these!