Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We had some tree guys come out and trim the top of a HUGE tree in our front yard and then they cut down another tree in the front.  Colin loves trucks, so he was in heaven when they came rolling down our driveway!

Can you see him on his little tip toes?  =)
And don't mind him being half in pajamas and half in an outfit.  We were just too excited about the truck being here!
We put a chair next to the window so that he could have a front row seat.  Poor tree guys had no idea that they were going to be on complete display to our sweet boy!

We had no clue how long it would take... we thought a couple hours at the most.  Boy were we wrong!  I think it took them about 7 hours!  It gave me plenty of time to clean the house!  And I tried to move the front row seat, but Colin was not quite done with it...

He was so interested!  And during his nap, we had his noise maker going and Garet's iPhone with the white noise app going!  I was very thankful he was able to sleep through all the noise! 
And Colin got to see the truck up close!  He was a happy boy!

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