Saturday, July 7, 2012


Friday afternoon we went down the road to play.  I brought the bubbles, and Colin was super excited about it!

He loved running through them!  He still doesn't quite get how to blow them himself - he puts his lips directly on the wand, but he loves to try =)

We started the morning by going to the gym - Colin has so much fun in the nursery!  Then we wen to the grocery store, then it was home for lunch and a nap.  Then we grabbed Daddy and Suzi and headed to this field for bubbles!

It was really hot, so it was nice that this was pretty shady! 

Suzi was just happy to be included =)

When you hold your arms out to Colin he will run full force to you!  I love this!!  Garet was able to get the whole action shot...


And Suzi couldn't be left out, of course.  Colin ran to give her a kiss =)

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L Davis said...

aww..I just love this post! I'm so glad you're liking your new area! Love you all!