Saturday, July 14, 2012

Horsing around...

One of Garet's volunteers works at a therapeutic horseback riding stable - he told Garet to bring Colin and me out one day... so yesterday we went out there!  I actully did my senior exit project on therapeutic horseback riding.  It is such a great benefit to those that are disabled.  And the horses they use are sooo sweet! 

Colin was so excited to see the horses!  He even wore his cowboy boots (which I am pretty sure every single person there commented about!) 

I am a huge horse person - so I love that Colin seems comfortable and interested in them!  The stalls had large enough space between the slats so we could peek through at all the horses...

There weren't any lessons going on while we were there, but they did have a horse out that they were grooming.  It was such a nice place!  We got to see a guy demonstrating how to ride to a class from UNCG.  It was a speech therapy class and there were probably about 10 people there watching.

Right outside the office was this old wagon... it isn't in use, but Colin enjoyed sitting in it =)

We got a tour of the area on a golf cart - which was a hit with Colin! 

We had a lot of fun! 

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L Davis said...

What an exciting day! I especially like the picture of Colin reaching up to the horse, like they could really touch! And, Colin climbing the that a lot, too...Oh, and him peeking in the fence-that was really cute! Oh, heck, I liked ALL of them!!!