Saturday, July 21, 2012


Colin does so much now, and so much of it is so funny!  I just don't want to forget any of it!  I figured I would try to write down some of the Colin-isms =)  He is almost 22 months old.  And the pictures are just as random as this post... it was snack time one day after his nap and we sat out front eating a popsicle.

- he will hold up his cup and say "shears" [cheers] and tap everyone's glass that is sitting in the room
- when he wants something he will say "Peas??" [please] and when you give it to him he will say "tank" [thanks].  If he does something and you say "Thank you" he will almost always go, "mmmhuh".  Guess I do that a lot. 
- if he hears a sneeze he will say "bless" [for bless you] - the other day in the store, we walked behind a woman and she sneezed... Colin said "bless" to her =)
- pointed at my boob and said "ball?"... I couldn't help but laugh
- when we are on walks and a car drives by he will throw up his hand, like a wave, every single time.
- if he is finished eating, he will stack his plate/bowl/fork/spoon and hand them to me and say "done".  If I am not there to get it, he may throw them...  I make sure I am there!

- he loves to say "bye bye" to people, things, animals... it helps when we are leaving somewhere when he doesn't want to leave.  Like we left the pool the other day, he was really sad to be leaving, but when we tell him to say "bye bye" to the pool, he waves and says "bye bye" and that seems to make him feel better about it.
- he LOVES Suzi.  He will run up to her and lay down, then he will pat her and say "goo gurl" [good girl], I guess we tell her that a lot when he is around... she really is so good!
- when we are doing something he likes he will say "more" if we stop.  When we were driving home from the family trip a few weeks ago, we went through DC.  We drove through a tunnel, which Colin thought was really neat... when we were through it, he said "more" because he wanted to do it again =)
- in our basement, Colin will push around our computer chair (that has wheels).  I sat in it the other day, and he pushed me around and around the pool table!  He thought it was hilarious!  And I was having fun just sitting there!

- he totally gets what the bathroom is for (not that he is using it himself yet), anytime he sees a toilet he will say "pee pee" and want you to flush it.  Then he will wave and say "bye bye" as the water is flushing. 
- we have one of those boxes that you put the shapes in their corresponding holes.  He will put the shape on the wrong hole and shake his head and say "nope", then he will put the shape in the correct hole.  Guess that's what I used to do when he was learning it!
- I snuck up on him the other day while he was playing in his room - he was throwing a ball into his toy box.  When he would make it, he would clap really big.  All by himself =)
- Anytime he is watching something/someone/anything and they go away, or he just can't see it/them anymore he will say "Go?" and shrug his sholders really big

That is just want came to mind... I will have to remember to write these things down as they happen!  He is just too cute!  We are so blessed!

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L Davis said...

Yes indeed! Blessed! What a great post,and equally great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!