Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hanging out outside...

I have decided that any time we can get outside and play - we will be there!  Colin LOVES to be outside, and the weather has been awesome!  We played in his watertable:

He likes to scoop the water...

... and then pour it onto the deck...

It's funny... the watertable doesn't stay full of water for long.  Colin likes to get all the water out as fast as possible.  Then he wants it refilled... and then he will flip the table over to dump it.  Crazy kid.

We also played a bit of basketball!

Colin is getting so good at making the baskets!  And it is precious when he does because he will clap for himself!  =)

Then we traveled into the backyard so Suzi could get some attention.

Suzi is so funny with Colin when they are in the backyard!  She wants sooo bad to play with him, but she is careful not to hurt him.  She will grab her ball and run straight for him, then stop and turn around when she is a couple feet away.

Look at those curls!!


We obviously had to grab some handfuls of dirt!

He will pick up the dirt, then turn around and scatter it around.  Makes you wonder what he is thinking. 

I love hydrangea!  It is so pretty when it blooms!  And bush at this house is huge!  It's taller than me!

Anytime we are outside, Suzi wants to be right there with us!  She isn't a fan of the water (AT ALL), but she's out there with us anyway!  Mostly she runs around with her ball.  Sweet girl.

Today it was raining this morning... so we were stuck inside all morning.  With a 20 month old, that is tough to do.  We did some drawing to pass the time...

Whenever I let Colin draw, he always gives me a marker to draw with him.  What a sweetheart!

After Colin's nap, it finally cleared up outside!  So we played with his wagon... and ran into some fire ants!  Luckily they didn't get on Colin (even though he was pulling the wagon) but they were ALL over the wagon!  Crazy how fast they move!

After dinner, Garet and Colin went to play in his water outside.  Colin has figured out how to use the hose...

Don't know if that's good or bad...

One last picture - Garet got this on his phone.  Suzi jumped into Colin's room (we have a baby gate up) and decided to hand out kisses.  How cute that Colin is all puckered up!

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Carrie said...

Loved this post! He is so sweet :-) Love the curls!!!! Our life looks very similar - LOTS of playing outside! IT looks like you guys have a fun place to play! When are you guys moving?