Saturday, June 2, 2012

Toes in the water...

We figured, since we are moving, we better get in as much beach time as we can!  So today we went to Sunset Beach!

When we got to the beach, Colin got soooo excited about the sand!  Check out that sweet little foot!

He wouldn't even consider going down to the water, he wanted to play in the sand!  We brought a few of his beach toys and he would scoop up some of the semi-wet sand, then run behind our canopy and dump it on the dry sand =)

I tried to show him how to make a castle with one of his toys, but he was much more interested in smashing it!

Finally, we got him down to the water!  Can you see me all the way at the water?  And Colin was running full speed ahead!

Once he was down at the water, he LOVED it!  He kept kicking so the water would fly up!  And he would run out, and when a wave crashed he would run back in!

We all had so much fun!  We packed a lunch so we ate a little picnic out there too.  Here is Garet and Colin waving to me:

And then my camera battery died.  Which was good I suppose... that way I could just enjoy being there!  I get so wrapped up sometimes taking pictures - but I just don't want to forget any second!! 
We had a great time, then got home and relaxed the rest of the day! 

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