Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last few days here...

Our last few days here in Whiteville have been super busy.  We are trying to get everything we can in boxes... but there is only so much I can do with a toddler running around!  So, after a couple hours of "helping" Colin needs to get outside!  So, aside from packing we have been:

  • Playing basketball:

Check out that stance!  Love the boots!  And I believe he made this basket!

  • Checking the "mal" (mail) with Daddy:

  • Playing in the water:

When we go outside, I think, "Colin doesn't need his swimsuit on... we aren't going to get wet", and almost everytime, he finds some bucket with a little bit of water in it and pours it on himself.  So, I figure, what the heck - let's just cut on the water.  So, most of the time he is soaked in his clothes.  Oh well.  That smile is worth a wet kid =)
  • Visiting one last time.

We all went to see the new addition - Scott was only 5 days old here!  What a sweet boy!  His mom and dad (Rachel and Justin) were probably the first people we really met here.  They were so awesome welcoming us to Whiteville! 

Other than that, we have just been getting things together.  I think tonight is the last night here in Whiteville... if all goes as planned =) 

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