Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daddy's weekend...

Garet had a blast with Colin while I was on my girls trip!  I am so thankful that he is such a hands on dad!  And he loves spending time with our son!  I don't think they were at the house much - they were out and about a lot!  When I got home, Garet gave me a project they had been working on.... "Colin and Daddy's Alphabet Weekend!"  It was a book A - Z of their fun activities!  SOOO CUTE!  I won't put every picture on here... that would be a lot =)  but here is what each letter was and a few of the pictures:

All Alone - Colin by himself on a playground equiptment
Bridge - on a walk near our house
Clap - Colin clapping
Dam -
Elephant - randomly they found a [fake] one on the side of the road
Fire truck - look at that smile!
Giraffe - next to the elephant
Hand Dryer & Horseback Riding - in the bathroom, Colin was drying his hands... and at Chucky Cheese, Colin was riding a mechanical horse
I love my dog - Colin with Suzi.... she was licking his face
Jett rider - A ride at Chucky Cheese
Krispy Kreme - I posted this over on Beane A Day... I love this picture!  =)
Lottery - A lottery machine that Colin was standing in front of
Mr. Munch the Monster - Another ride at Chucky Cheese
Nascar - Chucky Cheese ride
On top - They went to Monkey Joes
Pajamas in the Park - This is obvious
Quiet please - Garet was singing in the car.... this is what he saw when he turned around:
Reptile - A play toy at the playground
Sandbox - (this was the same day as "Pajamas in the park")
Train Tracks - There was a kids train that they got a picture in front of
Up early in the morning - awww, poor Garet... he had to wake up so early... I feel so bad for him Ahh, it wasn't me =)
Vessel - They went and sat on a boat
W - a "W" (what we call a walk) with Suzi
XoXoXo - at the playground
Yogurt - Garet is obsessed with those self serve frozen yogurt shops
Zzzzzz - Colin sleeping

Isn't that sooo cute?!  I love my guys!  I am so glad that I can leave without feeling guilty, or worried =)  I had a blast, and they obviously had a blast! 


Lacey said...

Holy crap, that's the sweetest thing ever! He is such a good dad! (And you are a good mom too...Colin hit the jackpot!)

Anonymous said...

Probably the funnest project EVER!!


Hunter and his family... said...

So cute! Nice "daddy and son" time. Looks like you don't have a thing to worry about for the next trip. When did you say you wanted to come and visit? JK. Love ya!!