Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun in the sun...

I sure missed my guys!  It is nice to be back into my "normal" routines =)  Colin and I took advantage of the nice weather and headed outside to play. 
He had a great time pulling his wagon all over the yard =)
Funny story:  So I had my camera taking Colin's picture, and he is used to me snapping away while he is doing his thing.  When I want him to look at the camera and smile at the same time, I really have to get creative!  When I say, "Colin!  Say 'cheese'" he will say "cheese."  No emotion, and he won't turn to me... So... that doesn't work anymore.  I read somewhere to get kids to say "monkey" and that way it looks like they are smiling while they are saying it.  But that is old now too.  So, I came up with new ways to make him smile at me.  This day I was all in his face with the camera and I was saying something like:  "Hey Colin!  Look at mommy!  Say, baboon!  Baboon!  Can you say it?  Say platypus!  Colin, say platypus!"....
He stopped paying attention to me and was looking towards the road.  When I finally looked up a guy was walking by.  Watching.  And he was almost past our yard.  So... he had heard my craziness as I was snapping away.  Embarrassing. 

Anywho... I got this picture while he was saying "baboon."  So, it is worth a little embarrassment =)
And less than a minute later he was finished with the photos.... Here he was saying "nooooooo!"
Ha!  Love him so much!

This morning we had a lot of errands, so when we were finished we went to the park to get some energy out!  I got Colin one of those Tervis Tumblers for kids, it has a lid.  And he loves it!  He is still a bit young to have a "real" cup, but when we are outside who cares if he gets a bit wet.
I did not realize how hot it was.  When we got to the park, I was soooo hot!  And the slides and everything was too hot to get on too.  So sad.  But Colin still enjoyed climbing!
Oh and kicking the mulch.  Looks like he's on a mission!
Here he is attempting to climb this thing...
Don't worry, he didn't get any higher than that.  His left leg that is up in the picture went right back down.  He just enjoyed being up on that first pole.

We went on a bike ride this afternoon.... we've been going almost everyday.  I am loving riding my bike!  Most of the time we go in the morning, like before 8.  But today we went around 4.  Oh my, it was sooo hot!  So, now I am going to prop my feet up and relax! 

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