Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blue Skies...

We headed to my mother-in-law's place in Morehead City for a long weekend!  It was just what we needed!  We had so much fun!!  And just to warn you: there are lots of pictures in this post!  I figured I would just do a big 'ole post instead of a couple small ones...
The main goal was to go to the beach! At first, Colin was a bit worried about the waves crashing... but quickly got over it!
He really enjoyed jumping at the edge of the water... and sitting in it.  Therefore, Garet and I sat in the sandy water edge.  I have never liked getting all sandy... but when I have a cute little redhead asking "Seat, Mommy, peas??"  I really just didn't care about the sand anymore.  Funny how that happens.
We a lot of fun!  When it was time to go, Garet stripped Colin and Colin took off running!  HA!  He loved the freedom I guess =)
Look at that sandy little rump!  This beach had little showers, so we were able to get Colin [almost] sand-free before the short drive back.  After dinner, Garet and Colin headed over to a neighborhood pool.  They were the only ones in it!  And as you can tell from the smiles... they both loved it =)
Suzi and I headed out on a walk next to the water... too bad pictures can't capture the peacefulness of this place!
Another beach day was spent with my brother and his family!!  They live about 45 minutes away, so it was great that they could meet us! 
Eric made a big hole in the sand, and Colin filled it up with water...
And then he would jump in it, splash around, then run away =)
Morgan cheered him on.
I managed to get a picture of these two cousins together... Morgan was waving, and Colin was giving me the "what Mom??" face.  Here is Colin covering Morgan's leg with sand, and wiping it off.  They were so funny.  Morgan just watched him do this.  Crazy these two will be 1 and 2 next month!! 
It's funny how our beach days have changed!  It is no longer an easy, grab a towel and go.... we now have a big canopy thing (in the background), towels, snacks, drinks, chairs, sheet to sit on, toys, sunscreen, diapers...  And no longer do I lounge on the chair reading a book the whole time... I am now covered (COVERED) in sand.  And I absolutely love it =)
Especially when I see how happy and excited Colin is!  He had a blast!  He even took some breaks in the shade to refuel and rest. 
Here's the Davis family - I'm so glad we got to see you guys!!
And here is us - Colin wasn't feeling the picture... he wanted to get down and play =)
We had such a great time hanging out at the beach!  Colin loved it!  Sand, water, whichever, he had a blast!  Today him and I sat on the shore and made friends with everyone that passed us by (when you have a red head with curly hair, you get stopped all.the.time. by people commenting on how cute and awesome his hair is!  Which I totally agree!) 
We had fun inside too... I just didn't really take many pictures of that.  There are a few cars that Colin has become obsessed with!  Today he even put his snack in the car and rode it around the table:
And we walked down the street and got to play on the trucks there that are building a new house! 
I took Colins 2 year old pictures (that's why he has on his tie) and I just can't believe my baby boy is going to be TWO in less than a month!  What is going on?! 
We have had the best time!  We went to dinner in Beaufort last night, which was awesome!  And Garet and Colin had a breakfast picnic out on the pier this morning.  This was a perfect vacation =)  Thank you Grandma Kay for the wonderful place to stay!!!   

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