Saturday, September 22, 2012


I took Colin's two year old pictures for his birthday invite, and then took some more in Morehead... I just love the water and green grass and awesome trees at the beach!  I can't believe he will be two on the tomorrow!!  Today we celebrated with his birthday party (I promise to do a post about that hopefully tomorrow!)

Here is what Colin is up to now that he is TWO:
- Sleeping from 7-5/6, taking one nap a day from 1-3:30
- Drinks milk and water - yes that's it - and LOVES milk!
- He is still a very happy child, we do have melt downs, but overall very happy.  In fact, when he is in a "mood" I take him outside, or in public, and he is totally fine.
- Eats whatever we are eating... and tries everything on his plate.  Sometimes he spits it right out, but at least he tries it.  And he doesn't seem to care much for meat or veggies...  but he will down some fruit! 
- He is loud.  He has started squealing as loud as he can.  Even in public he will randomly yell.  But if a stranger talks to him (which is often... mainly complimenting his hair, or eyes) he just smiles and goes mute.
- He loves the rain - he always wants to go out in it. 
And this next picture cracks me up!  Perfect timing.  Yep he got hit by the ball... don't worry he was all smiles =)

- He knows all the grandparents and aunts/uncles names... but will always always say "Papaw" (my dad).  Anywhere we are... like we will be playing downstairs and running around and out of nowhere he will go "Papaw!"  Or if he gets in trouble and is crying, sometimes he will cry for Papaw.  Or if he is "talking on the phone" he will always be talking to Papaw. 
(This was after his nap, so he wasn't too thrilled with me in his face with the camera, but I got a few. )
- He seems very sensitive.  If I get hurt, like banging my toe or something, and yell - he will remember, and sometimes at the end of the day he will say "Mama hurt?" and point to my toe or wherever I got hurt.  And he will kiss your "boo boo".
- talking a LOT, we don't understand everything, but boy is he trying!  It is so sweet to hear him communicating =)
- LOVES: trucks, cars, buses, tractors, boats, planes, dirt, Suzi, books fruit, milk, water, hugs, coloring, washing his hands... Doesn't love: veggies, bugs (ew bug!), having shoes on
- He is still wearing a 2T and just went to a size 6 shoe. 

- He is a big help in the kitchen.  He always wants to see what I am doing.  Most of the time I have to give him something to mix to keep him occupied so I can actually get something made.

- He is a big help cleaning too... he loves the vacuum, and he likes to help dust and wash windows.

And here is Colin this time last year... he had just turned 1 and we sat him on a tree:
Here he is this year (about to be 2) on the same tree:
Hahahaha!  He definitely did not want to be in the tree! 
He was saying "NOOOO!  Done!" by the way =)

Oh I love my sweet BABY boy!  He will always be my baby no matter the age!  What a sweet child.  Garet and I are so so so blessed to be his parents!  Every stage he has been at has been our "favorite" and this is no different!  We love being about to play with him, and see him learn is just amazing!  I just can't believe how fast time flies!  My little boy is turning two....


L Davis said...

this post. such real

Granny Kay said...

Every word you say here so reminds me of Colins Dad......glad you have this time to enjoy....DO!